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VPO General Meeting- January 2019

Catholic Community Services                                                                        Susan Horton

They are a non profit organization that believes every child should grow up in a safe environment in their own community.  Their desire is for families to succeed and build strengths within their family.  CCS goes about this by partnering with Mockingbird family, a non profit child welfare advocacy group.

There are 5 types of Foster Care

Kinship care- living with a family member or a close friend

Traditional Foster Care- Individually licensed care

Theuropedic or medical foster care- ones who can focus on the medical side of fostering

Respite care- provides breaks for other foster care families

Receiving care/emergency care- very short term until they are placed in a more permanent home, usually less than 30 days.

Benefits for youth- sense of family- allows them that sense of community and supports the family as they try to bring them back with their parents.  Aims to keep the kids in their own community.  Provides multiple adults to help in the situations.

24 hour a day 7 days a week on call services for the families.

If you are interested in more information, please contact them at Catholic Community Services


Principals report                                                                                             Mr. Brooks

Happy New Year! We now have salmon eggs in our lobby which will be released by our 4th graders.  Our buddy bench has been installed in the upper field.  We had to remove some that were in the woods area, just due to the age of them.  Our bond is coming up and it’s very important for our schools future.

Thank you from the whole staff for the coordination of lunch and massages, it really meant a lot to them.


Treasurers Report                                                                                          Ute Brindl

She went over the current budget.

Funding Requests

Hands on Art- $1500 is being requested to donate- Cara Taylor proposed a motion and Megan seconded it – Everyone approved, zero no’s.

Read and Lead- $2500 is being requested to donate-Michelle made the motion and Lauren seconded it- Everyone approved, zero no’s.

SUP- 10 days til the vote- Check out the SUP fb page for more information.

Parent council-  Ute posted the notes on our FB page.

Spell a thon-  Runs from Jan. 24th-Feb.28th

Parking lot- No parking or stopping in the handicap stalls unless you have a pass, this is against the law! Please do not drop your child off ANYWHERE except at the curb.  If you do not want to wait in the drop off line you need to park and get out and walk your child across the cross walk.


October 15th Meeting

Principal’s Report – David Brooks
Welcome, conferences are next week, please attend at your time slot. We are looking at how to make parent drop off and pick up more safe and speedy. Some thoughts are to make it where you can’t go left out of the parking lot. We are working with GHHS and Transportation to come up with a plan. Our buses are doing much better and getting her on time so that is a plus. The coned off area is because those are spots for the teachers so that the people who are crossing right there can be safe. We are going to keep it like that for now.

School Counsellors Updates – Tricia Mills/ Kara Greco 
Tricia is full time and Kara is Monday, Tuesday and every other Wednesday. They have really enjoyed getting to know the kids so far. Tricia is doing 3rd-5th and Kara is K-2 as they teach about bullying. Bully Beans is the book they are reading to the kids in K-2nd. It’s a book on strategies on how to deal with bullies. 3rd-5th grade is more about how to be problem solvers and what bullying actually is. All classrooms have gone through the process by now so please ask your kids about it and open up a conversation with them.

Peninsula School District Update – Deborah Krishnadasan
Our schools are neglected and she is a huge advocate for change. We tried to pass a bond in 2018, it failed by 239 votes. We have a big task of getting 60% of our community to help pass that. Right now 40% is holding us back. The board had a study session last week and they are in the process of learning a lot of new information. She has a package that is still in the process of being solidified. We have an interim superintendent right now, his name is Art Jarvis. He knows we have a dire need for change. Families are still moving in and houses are still being built and we need help with growth. We have almost 10,000 kids in our schools right now.

We are in need of 2 elementary schools, 1 in GH north and 1 on the busage property. They will propose to completely replace Artondale and Evergreen elementary and update and fix specific things down the road when we can make some more major updates. They are going to be asking for 198 million dollars for 30 years and will be running this in Feb 2019. Nov 8th is the next board meeting. The proposed tentative plan would be to get it approved in Feb, bids in 2020, open the new schools in the fall of 2021. We are going to work harder on getting the KP more involved.

Some ideas on how to get this passed is to get the kids who just turned 18 registered to vote and get moms of 0-5 year olds registered and voting since this will effect them sooner rather than later.

SUP Mark Willson
Mark is on the Leadership team for SUP which is Stand Up for Peninsula School District. Discovery is a very involved school with SUP and we appreciate you. We are going to do a fall clean up at some schools so that we can engage people to do something and come along side our schools and help. Right now the facilities staff only has time to maintain school grounds doing the necessities and doesn’t have time to actually get any new maintaining done. If we help out they will have time to get more important things done.

Nov. 4th if you could come and bring your families from 9-noon to the school and help with this much needed clean up. Coffee and granola and fruit provided.

Please look up SUP on fb and sign up to receive information from them so that you can stay informed.

Treasurer’s Report – Ryan Lewis

Teacher Fund Procedure Change – Ryan Lewis/ Karmen Furer
We are changing our policy on how we get teachers the approved amount of funds each year. In the past they have just submitted receipts and we have cut checks throughout the year but we are now changing it to where we just give them one lump sum right at the beginning. Corey Epperson made a motion that it should be approved and it was seconded.

Fondi Fun-Raiser – Ute Brindl

STEAM Night – Laura Holmes/ Mrs. Letellier
Nov 16th from 5-7pm. This is a great family event that is being paired with our silent auction. Please be on the lookout for more information coming on how you can sign up to help.

Gift Baskets/ Silent Auction Karmen Furer/ Nicole Riensche
This will be the night of the STEAM night, get ready to spend. We will also have teacher experiences at the auction as well. So please make sure you stop by and bid:)

Parent Council Nicole Riensche
Tops 3 things-

  • Pierce county library is on the November ballot. If the yes vote is given it will maintain hours and resources and events however if a no vote is won it will eliminate services, hours etc.
  • Overcrowding in our schools
  • 1 to 1 chromebook for 5th grade to 12th grade. They will have this chromebook from 5th grade-8th grade. Then in 9th grade they will get a new one and use it until the end of 12th grade. Protective sleeves will go to the kids and before the kids are given the chromebooks the school will have a parent meeting.

Volunteer Coordinator Updates – Ute Brindl
Please sign up for the book fair, the links are on our website and our fb page and have been emailed to you. The shifts are only 1.5 hours and it’s a lot of fun.
Hotel Transylvania 3 will be our first movie night for 3rd-5th graders, please sign up to volunteer and your child will get in for free.