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We are still looking to fill 4 board positions (President, Vice President, Treasurer & Secretary) for 20/21. Please contact any one of our board members if you have questions.

***Officer candidates must submit to the VPO President, in writing, their intention to run no later than thirty (30) days before General Election.***

General Election Date: Monday, 11th of May @ 7pm/ Discovery Library

Staff Treats

Check back soon for the link to sign up for April staff treats!

Conference Night Dinners

Conference Night Dinner Signups are out! We have the wonderful opportunity to feed our teachers dinner during conference night. Please consider donating or making an item from the list. There is some fridge space for cold items, and we will have a power strip to plug in crockpots for when they are dropped off. Please be sure to drop off all items by 3:30PM on the day of the event. Thanks for your support!

All Hands on Deck Needed at Discovery! Come spend a morning and/ or afternoon volunteering at Discovery. Follow the link to see dates/ times available.


What is FUNvisor: The FUNvisor program started at Voyager and is the first of its kind in the Peninsula School District. It is designed to be inclusive of ALL kids, a safe place where all kids are welcome to play and be involved during lunch recess. We offer fun activities, including Legos, board/card games, jump rope, clay or Playdoh, scavenger hunts, arts and crafts, reading corner, etc. Becoming a FUNvisor volunteer is a great way to get involved, get to know your student(s) peers and Discovery staff, and help all the kids in the school!

FUNvisor Program Schedule: Tuesays at lunch recess (12:00p.m. to 12:30 p.m.) Volunteers will be there from 11:45am til 12:45 for setup and takedown

FUNvisor Volunteers: We need volunteers! There are various ways for you to help with FUNvisor, depending on your schedule. We are looking for weekly help, bi-weekly, monthly, or substitute help. You could also volunteer for a special skills day. Special skills could include a craft you want to lead for the students, or an activity you would want to lead (Yoga? Origami? Finger knitting? Other?).

FUNvisor Volunteer Tasks: Typical tasks include setting up tables for activities, setting out activities, engaging with students who participate (play games, read books, help build Legos, draw a picture, etc.), cleaning up the activities, and putting tables away. Right now, we are asking interested helpers to come and observe on a Tuesday (or multiple) to get an idea of how it works. After, we can discuss your availability, interest, and schedule.

How to get involved: If you would like to be part of this amazing program, please contact us to coordinate an observation date.

Sign up here!

Donations: We are currently accepting donations at the Discovery Annex for all craft items. You can send them into the school with your 5th grader.

Meredith Saxon – (253)225-1342,